No One Suffers Alone

School Based Counseling

We offer a School-Based Counseling program that works closely with many school systems in the area. Because the family and the school have the greatest impact upon a child’s life, we utilize a team approach and provide assistance and support both in the school and the home, when problems are present.


We provide a highly professional team of clinicians who develop treatment plans, using established psychotherapeutic and trauma informed techniques. Intensive therapy, inclusive of the entire family, or a subset of the family, is utilized to implement focused interventions and behavioral techniques for the purpose of treating the client’s behavioral health needs. Interventions are designed to enhance and improve the family’s capacity to improve the client’s functioning in the home and community and may prevent the need for admission to an inpatient or other treatment setting. Services are provided in the home, school and community.

Short Term Respite Care

Short Term Respite Care provides temporary, direct care and supervision for the youth in the home or a community setting that is not facility-based (not provided overnight in provider-based facility). The primary purpose is to provide relief to families/caregivers of a youth with a serious emotional or behavioral disorder (SED) or relief of the young person.

Respite services help to de-escalate stressful situations, as well as provide a therapeutic outlet. Respite maybe either planned or provided on an emergency basis. Short term respite care can be provided in an individual’s home or place of residence or provided in other community settings, such as at a relative’s home or in a short visit to a community park or center. Normal daily activities of daily living are considered to be included in the content of the service providing respite care.

Independent Living/Skills Building

Independent Living/Skills Building services are designed to assist clients who, are or will be, transitioning to adulthood with support in improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to be successful in employment, housing, education and community life. Services are individualized according to each youth’s strengths, interest, skills, and goals and are included on an individualized plan of care. It is expected that independent living/skills building activities take place in the community.

Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention (CI) Services are provided to a person who are experiencing a Psychiatric Crisis and is designed to interrupt and or lesson a crisis experience, via a preliminary assessment, immediate crisis resolution, de-escalation and referral and linkage to appropriate community services to avoid more restrictive levels of treatment.

The goal of Crisis Intervention is symptom reduction, stabilization and restoration to a previous level of functioning. All activities must occur within the context of a potential or actual psychiatric crisis. CI is a face-to-face intervention and can occur in a variety of locations, including an emergency room or clinic setting, in addition to other community locations where the person lives, works, attends school and/or socializes.